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For the Luv of Tams

For the Luv of Tams (TAMCO) was founded in May 2014 and is New Zealand’s only tamarillo cooperative.  They represent over 20 orchardists who grow tamarillos commercially.
There Vinaigrette  is a real treat when drizzled over salads, meats, seafood or add to marinades and dressings or whisked with olive oil and served as a dip with crusty bread, or sprinkled over strawberries and served with whipped cream.
The Relish is a delicious blend of tamarillo, other selected fruits, vinegars and spices and superb served with meats, salads, cold cuts, etc. or spread on pizza base as a sauce, or added to meatloaf mixes or casseroles.
And lets not forget there preserve  that because of the reduced sugar content the delightful tangy taste of the tamarillo is maintained and not overpowered by syrupy sweetness as many jams are.