Wild Comb Honey - Te Akatea

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This quality comb honey is produced by Te Akatea Apiaries located in Waingaro, west of Hamilton.

Comb honey is just as the bees made it. It retains all the subtle flavours and aromas of honey straight from the hive. This comb honey has a wild bush honey taste with good flavour and a gentle finish.  It has recently won a gold at the National  Beekeepers Association honey competition!

Size: 340g

Other Flavours: HakarimataKirikiriroaHorsham Downs CountryMarokopa SpringMarokopa SummerOhui (Monofloral) ManukaFour Brothers Reserve (Multiflora) Manuka, Wild Comb  

Please Note: We do take great effort to ensure the safe and secure packaging of this product, the honey may move out of and around the comb during transit. In no way does this affect the quality or taste of the comb honey.