Sweet & Salty Nuts - Top Notch Macadamia

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Top Notch Macadamias is situated in the mighty Waikato. With lots of sun that provides a micro-climate ideal for a flourishing macadamia orchard, they are spray-free, and encourage nature to do the work for them. 

An absolute top seller, Sweet & Salty is a combination of New Zealand grown whole macadamias, drizzeled in honey caramel toffee, milk chocolate and pink Himalayan rock salt. The result: a moreish flavour that you cannot get enough of!

Variety: Roasted Salted, Sweet & Salty, Natural, Smoke & Spice, Dry Roasted, Honey Caramel

Allergens: Contains macadmaia nuts, honey, pink himalayan rock salt & dairy. Gluten, egg and soy free.

Size: 150g