Rock Melon

Rock Melon

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Rock Melon/Rāka merengi

New Zealand rock melons are available from January to March.

Storage and Handling
Ripen on the bench, then store in the refrigerator. Handle all fresh produce with care and wash before eating.

Rock melon origins can be traced back to Africa and Asia. Rockmelon are sometimes known as canteloupe as they were originally cultivated near Cantalupo in Italy in the 18th Century.


  • Also know as cantaloupe
  • The aroma of rock melons usually indicate when they are ripe
  • Grown in areas with sandy well-drained soil and good irrigation
  • Bees play an important part in an abundant harvest of rock melons as the crop relies on pollination
  • Rock and other melons are related to the summer squash family which includes marrows and courgettes

    *Source: 5+a Day