Radish Microgreen - Hamilton Microgreens

Radish Microgreen - Hamilton Microgreens

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Local "Hamilton Microgreens" specialise in growing 4 varieties of nutrient-dense microgreens.
Microgreens are the earliest stage of a vegetable plant’s development, after the sprouting stage.
They are “living foods” – Purposefully utilized in their most nutritious and delicious state.
Why are microgreens healthier than regular greens like lettuce, spinach & kale?
  • Their nutrient content is more concentrated
  • Their vitamin and antioxidants levels are up to 40X higher than more mature greens.
  • They’re richer in macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.
  • They’re richer in micro minerals such as iron, zinc and copper.
  • They’re richer in B vitamins, essential amino acids, folate etc!

    Varieties: SunflowerRadishBroccoliPeasSunny Mix

    Size: 60g       

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