Pumpkin - Cut

Pumpkin - Cut

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All year round depending on the variety.

Storage and Handling
Store in a cool, dark and dry place, unless cut and then remove seeds and refrigerate. 

Pumpkin is thought to have originated in South America. The Māori ate gourds, a member of the pumpkin family, baked in the hāngi before Europeans arrived in New Zealand. References to pumpkins date back centuries ago, the name originated from the Greek word ‘pepon’ meaning large melon. The French changed this to ‘pompon’, the British changed it to ‘pumpion’ and the U.S. colonists changed this to ‘pumpkin’.

Facts and Varieties

  • The terms pumpkin and squash are often used interchangeably

  • Pumpkin generally describes winter squash, which are hard skinned, hard fleshed mature fruit

  • By contrast summer squash are soft skinned and include marrow, courgette (or zucchini) and scallopini.

Cut into perfect servicing sizes - 500g

*Source: 5+a Day