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Libby's Pork Crack is a highly addictive (but legal), all natural snack food, originally forged in the fires of Queen Libby's kitchen as a crunchy, tasty and genuinely satisfying snack to compliment her Paleo and wholefoods lifestyle.

Fresh Free Farmed or Free Range pork rind is hand cut and baked until it is perfectly crisp. Then it is coated in a special blend of organic spices and packaged up ready to sell. It’s pretty simple really and that’s how we like it. Food that is not fussy or fussed with and as close to its natural state as possible.

As an artisan product no two batches will look identical, but they will taste equally delicious. We love its traditional home cooked feel.

Seasoned with Himalayan pink salt and a secret blend of organic damn hot spices to say 'Whaddup' to your tastebuds.

Sizes: 40g

Other Flavours: Hot & Spicy, Herb Roast, Au Naturel