Organic A2 Milk 1.5L - Jersey Girls

Organic A2 Milk 1.5L - Jersey Girls

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Jersey Girl Organics, family farm produces BioGro NZ certified organic milk from a herd of 200 Jersey cows in Matamata.

The milk is:

  • 30% higher in protein, 25% higher in calcium and 20% higher in energy than standard milk.
  • A2 protein milk, which has been shown to be a healthier alternative to standard milk, and is also digestible by those with dairy intolerance.
  • Pasteurised, to kill any bugs, but not-homogenise, which means the cream remains with the milk and provides a delicious taste and unique texture.
  • Not standardised so you get 100% of the nutrients in the milk

They use only certified organic farming practices, which means they don’t take shortcuts. They don’t use artificial fertiliser. Their girls don’t receive any antibiotics. They don’t spray the farm. There’s no production line fast tracking as the Jersey girls and the milk is NOT modified – they bottle what their girls give, no additives – just to honest goodness of the land.

Size: 1.5L

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