Kamo Kamo (Kumi Kumi)

Kamo Kamo (Kumi Kumi)

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Kamo Kamo/Kumi Kumi

They are available December to April.

Storage and Handling
Store in a cool, dark and dry place, unless cut and then remove seeds and refrigerate. 

Kamo kamo is a traditional Maori squash, and is considered an ethnic heirloom pumpkin. It was, and still is, considered to be particularly good in a hangi.

Kamo Kamo/Kumi Kumi are stocky in shape with heavy ribbing.  Immature kumi kumi are about the size of a tennis ball, have a nutty flavour, a speckled green soft skin with white-green flesh and are used like courgettes. Mature kumi kumi have a speckled green hard skin, are about the size of a netball, have a deep white flesh and are used like buttercup squash. 

As a squash, kamo kamo can be used in similar ways to pumpkin. Try boiling it with potatoes and mashing with butter and salt and pepper. It can also be braised, by sautéing with onion, garlic and herbs and adding red or white wine (or a stock of your choice).

It also works well as a sweet and sour vegetable – pan fry slices of kamo kamo until caramelised, remove the vegetable and deglaze the pan with wine vinegar. Add honey, and seasoning to taste until you have a smooth sauce, and add the kamo kamo back in.

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