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Storage and Handling
Store in a cool, dark place and avoid keeping in plastic or cling wrap.

Throughout history garlic has been the topic of many old wives' tales and folklores, from keeping vampires away to curing various ailments. There is some truth in these, as recent research has shown that the entire onion family, particularly garlic, does have some properties that destroy bacteria and protect against heart disease. Garlic has been cultivated in Central Asia for thousands of years.  As early as 2000 BC, the Chinese were using it in their cooking.


  • Garlic is a member of the onion family that also includes chives, shallots, spring onions and leeks

  • The most common varieties of garlic contain 10 cloves (or segments) with white skin on them

  • Other varieties have pink or purple skin and larger cloves

  • As a rule, the smaller the clove, the stronger the taste

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