Fenugreek Gouda - Meyer

Fenugreek Gouda - Meyer

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Meyer makes Gouda cheeses the traditional way (which they feel is the only way for a quality cheese) that is a brine salted cheese with a natural rind and a protective cheese coat to prevent it from getting mouldy. The cheeses are cured on wooden shelves at 15 deg. C for up to 18 months, and require a lot of tender loving care during that time. 

Meyer Gouda Cheese is a Waikato, fully-fledged family affair with the next generation at the helm.

Meyer Fenugreek has an excellent aroma! The seeds give off a sweet smell which is evident once cutting open the cheese. The taste is also Mild, sweet and nutty.

Since 2008 this cheese has won Gold Medals consistently and also taken home two category champions in that time and contributed to the 2011 cheese maker of the year.

A must on your next cheese board!

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