Crystalised Ginger

Crystalised Ginger

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Eaten in 100% moderation (remember the sugar content) Crystalised Ginger is said to:

Acts as Anti-Inflammatory: Crystallized ginger has been proven to reduce inflammation and also relieve you of any pain stemming from the inflammation.

Help Treat Nausea: For a long time now ginger has been used to reduce nausea that is caused by chemotherapy, morning sickness or motion sickness.

Help Boost Immunity: These tasty ginger snacks come in very handy during the flu season. This is because it has active compounds that help to help clear your sinuses. These compounds are great at protecting your body from viruses and toxins.

Help Reduce Stress: Ginger has a spicy smell that is great at helping lift your spirits when you are feeling low. These crystals are able to act as antioxidants which help relieve you from oxidative stress.

Be Rich in IRON: Iron is essential in our bodies as it helps increase blood count. Candied ginger is rich in this vital mineral.

Help with Insomnia: If you don’t know what is causing your insomnia then you should look to ginger for help. For a long time now ginger has been used to help people who found it difficult to fall asleep and helps them relax.

Help with Stress: Studies have shown that ginger is able to bind itself to serotonin receptors. These receptors are responsible for a person’s mood as well as anxiety levels. When you eat candied ginger or add ginger to your tea, it will help you to feel calm and hence reduce your anxiety.

Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar

Size: 150g