Cracked Pepper Gouda - Meyer

Cracked Pepper Gouda - Meyer

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Meyer makes Gouda cheeses the traditional way (which they feel is the only way for a quality cheese) that is a brine salted cheese with a natural rind and a protective cheese coat to prevent it from getting mouldy. The cheeses are cured on wooden shelves at 15 deg. C for up to 18 months, and require a lot of tender loving care during that time. 

Meyer Gouda Cheese is a Waikato, fully-fledged family affair with the next generation at the helm.

For those who love pepper, try it! Cracked Pepper Gouda is made from cracked whole black and white pepper corns, hand mixed and aged for about 8 weeks.

Excellent cheese for cheese boards or sandwiches but its best use would have to be a cracked pepper cheese sauce for your winter roast!

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