Courgette x 2

Courgette x 2

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They are available all year round with the main growing season from October until May.

Storage and Handling
Store in the refrigerator but use within a couple of days.  

Courgettes originated in Italy and were popular in the Mediterranean region hundreds of years before they became popular in the western world. The name courgettes originated in France, whilst the name zucchini originated in Italy.  In New Zealand we tend to call them courgettes.


  • Some people also refer to courgettes as zucchini or baby marrows, which indeed they are.  Marrows are simply mature or big courgettes
  • Courgettes are usually green-skinned but there are yellow-skinned varieties which are less available commercially
  • Courgettes are at their best when about 16 - 20 cm long.