Natural Wood Finishing Oil - Hemp Farm

Natural Wood Finishing Oil - Hemp Farm

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A wood finishing oil to nourish and protect.

The perfect natural oil to use for your:

  • Soap recipes
  • Treating food-grade chopping boards
  • Preserving wood furniture

The simplest of ingredients, our hemp wood oil is a non-toxic, solvent-free, naturally drying oil produced by pressing the oil from raw hemp seed hearts.

Wood is like skin – it needs to be protected. Our hemp wood finishing oil dries to a matte natural oil finish, no gloss, providing a protective, water-resistant finish when used with either raw or painted wood. Hemp oil is a penetrating oil that will nourish and protect wood surfaces.

Use hemp oil to revive old wood finishes. Mother Nature always knows best. 

Apply hemp oil with a clean cloth. Let the oil penetrate for 15 minutes or so, wipe off any excess oil and then buff the surface with a clean cloth. Apply one to three coats, allowing two hours between coats. Reapply as required, several layers of hemp oil may need to be applied to achieve the desired finish.

External Use Only

Size: 250ml