Cup of Hugs

Cup of Hugs

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Beautiful selection of beverages for all occasions.


Coffee:  The perfectly balanced coffee for your plunger or filter. It is deeply expressive with a soft satisfying slightly berry fruit flavor
Tea: Tea Bags - fast infusing and full of flavour
Blueberry Tea: All natural freeze dried blueberries for a perfect antioxidant tea.
Lemon, Honey & Ginger Tonic: Fresh lemon with a hint of ginger, sweetened naturally with honey.
Soul Soother: Take a generous spoonful of this amazing honey blend add into hot water or your choice of milk. Add to smoothies, raw treats and baking OR enjoy by the spoonful!

All items are gifted boxed/bagged and can come with a card (add your message in "special instructions for seller" when in cart)


****substitutes to the same value may be added due to stock availability at time of order