Capsicums x 3

Capsicums x 3

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You can buy capsicums all year round but the main season is from January until April.

Storage and Handling
Store in the refrigerator. 

Capsicums are native to tropical America and took several centuries to spread to Europe. It is relatively recently (in the past 30 - 40 years) that capsicums have been common in New Zealand.


  • Capsicums are also known in New Zealand as peppers or sweet peppers
  • They are members of the tomato and potato family
  • Capsicums are seed pods and can be red, green, yellow, orange, white, purple, brown and lime green
  • Green and red peppers grow on the same plant, it's just that a red pepper is a ripe green capsicum
  • Yellow, orange, white and purple are different varieties and are not simply less ripe forms of red or green
  • Red and green peppers are by far the most commonly found peppers, although yellow and orange peppers are widely available
  • Being riper, red peppers are sweeter than green peppers
  • Shape also varies with variety, from the more commonly found block shape to a pointy capsicum

3 x King Sweetie Capsicums (Green & Red)

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