Goats Milk Gouda - Meyer

Goats Milk Gouda - Meyer

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Meyer makes Gouda cheeses the traditional way (which they feel is the only way for a quality cheese) that is a brine salted cheese with a natural rind and a protective cheese coat to prevent it from getting mouldy. The cheeses are cured on wooden shelves at 15 deg. C for up to 18 months, and require a lot of tender loving care during that time. 

Meyer Gouda Cheese is a Waikato, fully-fledged family affair with the next generation at the helm.

Meyer Cheese Goat Milk Gouda is made with 100% goats milk.
Sweet, creamy and great for melting, salads or your evening snack.
Champion Goat Cheese award 2017 NZ Cheese awards

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