Red Licorice in Milk Chocolate - Potters Brothers Chocolate

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Potters Brothers aim to cater to the tastes of your childhood, and have created a range that ensures there is something for everyone. They believe in the importance of handcrafted quality and are proud to bring you an outstanding selection of reimagined Kiwi classics, covered in creamy chocolate and made right here in NZ!

The iconic liquorice chocolate combination, with a unique ‘twist’. New Zealand is used to the old soft eating liquorice – this is harder, chewier, and more addictive! Coated in a family recipe milk chocolate. Try it, you’ll love it!

Varieties: Chewy Carmel, Hokey Pokey - Dark, Hokey Pokey - Milk, Peanut Cluster - Dark, Peanut Cluster - Milk, Coconut Rough - Dark, Coconut Rough - Milk, Jellies n Cream, Pineapple Chews, Red Licorice, Soft Russian Fudge

Size: 130g