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The Green Seed Coconut Chips 50g


Snacking Goodness, inside and out.

Raspberry 50g:
Simple, yet satisfying Raspberry Beets ® Coconut Chips are one of our bestselling flavours! If you’re craving for something simple, slightly sweet and subtle sour – this flavour was created exactly for you! Ingredients: coconut, beetroot, raspberry, lemon juice.

Coffee 50g: If you can’t get enough your coffee these babies are right for you! Smooth coconut and the subtle coffee flavour is the perfect combo for you to enjoy. Ingredients: coconut, coconut sugar, coffee beans, vanilla extract

Smokin 50g: Smokin BBQ Coconut Chips are savoury snack flavoured with our secret seasoning. It has rich and exotic flavour that many people love, The Green Seed Coconut Chips are great for the whole family! Ingredients: coconut, tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, smoked paprika, onion, garlic, sea salt, liquid hickory smoke (0.08%)

Chocolate 50g: With rich cocoa flavour, Chocolate Coconut Chips are perfect for any chocolate lover! Made from fresh coconuts that are cracked open, sliced and dried until they are perfectly crunchy. Ingredients: coconut strips, coconut sugar, cocoa powder.

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Free From: gluten, keto friendly, organic ingredients, no refined sugar, vegan, soy free, no preservatives, no additives.

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