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Hunt and Gather Bee Raw Honey 500g


From a small family of beekeepers based in Raglan, comes this range of raw honey.

PLEASE NOTE: Honey is seasonal, the options in the drop down box indicates what flavour honey is available.

Rewarewa 500g : Rewarewa is the New Zealand honeysuckle which produces this flavoursome honey with an amber hue. Originating in the Coromandel Peninsula back country, this honey has a rich, malty taste.Dollop some onto your morning porridge to add some excitement.

Kamahi 500g : The Kamahi is found in the north island west coast forests south of latitude 37o where this native tree flowers in early spring with blooms of bottle brush flowers that the bees love. Pale golden in colour, this light, fruity honey is mild with a slight nutty taste and a smooth, creamy texture. Lather it on a cracker with blue cheese, grab a beer and enjoy.

Bush Blend 500g : The Bush Blend contains nectar from native trees in the bush margins of the Coromandel Ranges. It is the pioneer honey from our first hives and we’re excited to share it with you. Slap it on toast and enjoy with your favourite brew.

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