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Mamaku Skincare Lavender Mist Spray - 120mil


Lavender hydrosol is an excellent daily skin care treatment for any skin type. It is especially cooling for eczema and regenerative for fragile or damaged skin.

Cleansing and refreshing, add it to masks, use before and after shaving to prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs, or use in the home, car or office to promote calmness.

It is excellent for use as a gentle and effective cleanser and healer for cuts and scrapes for adults and children.

It can be used for infants as a room spray for calming sleep, in the bath or spritzed on a cloth for a healthy alternative to baby wipes.

Young children can use it as their own personal and non-allergenic perfume mist.

It is also useful as an after-sun spray, to soothe sunburn, or in a cold compress for headaches and migraines.

Spritz your face while stuck in traffic: very calming.

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