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Top Notch Macadamia Nuts 150g


Macadamia products that are a nut above the rest.

Roasted Salted 150g:
 just a few drops of our macadamia oil added to this roast to assist the salt coverage of the kernel.

Honey Caramel 150g:
 delicious dry roasted nuts coated in mouth watering honey caramel toffee.

Sweet & Salty 150g:
 a lovely flavour of our traditional honey caramel base with a light sprinkling of pink himalayan rock salt then followed by a drizzle of milk chocolate.

Smoke 'N' Spice 150g:
they are dry roasted with a hickory smoke flavour and a dash of spices along the Cajun lines.

Milk Chocolate 150g:  a natural crisp macadamia enveloped in milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate 150g: a natural crisp nacadamia enveloped in antioxidant filled dark chocolate.

Natural 150g: a  natural macadamia nut .

Dry Roasted 150g:
roasting brings out a sweet mild buttery flavour to the nuts.

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