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Sweetree Raw Honey - Ohui Manuka 500g


Sweetree Honey is a true reflection of the Waikato's flora! Sweetree Honey’s different varieties reflect the area and season the bees worked their magic. You can be confident that Sweetree honey has not been pasteurized, it has not be damaged by heating or finely filtered.

Sweetree's Ohui Manuka is collected from October to December from seaside Ohui, nestled between Pauanui and Whangamata, on the eastern side of the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. As a ‘place of meeting’, Ohui brings together land and people, who in turn, delivers the unique and special taste of the Coromandel.

Manuka honey is sought after for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Taste: Mild molasses tones with a subtle Manuka taste & tangy pohotukawa finish. Very sweet notes that linger on the back of your palate.

Texture: Soft & smooth in the mouth

Food Match:  Perfect in a lemon honey drink over winter.

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