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For the luv of Tams - Tamarillo Vinaigrette 250ml


They have designed, developed and built their own equipment that allows yhem to gravitationally infuse the tamarillo with the red wine vinegar to produce a highly clarified dark ruby red product.

They specially import an Italian red wine vinegar as it has a natural smooth sweetness that produces the very best vinaigrette dressing.

Delicious drizzled over salads or steamed vegetables, sprinkled over seafood, steeped with beetroot, cucumber, and tomatoes or blended with mayonnaise and sour cream.

A real treat when drizzled over salads, meats, seafood or add to marinades and dressings or whisked with olive oil and served as a dip with crusty bread, or sprinkled over strawberries and served with whipped cream.

The delicious, tangy taste adds a gourmet touch to any dish.

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