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Castle Rock Dressing 100ml


Castle Rock make all of their products in small batches, so they are able to taste them and have a consistent product that they can supply to you. This way they can guarantee the same product consistency every time an order is placed. They use no artificial colouring or preservatives in there products and use locally grown products where possible, but always NZ grown.

Strawberry, Lemon, Mint 100ml: 
works with any salad combination, perfect with salmon and chicken, pour over grilled asparagus or egg plant.

Raspberry 100ml: works with any green salad leaves, use as a marinade for any red meat, pour over ice cream, and drop into sparkling water or champagne.

Chilli, Lime and Coriander 100ml: marinade for pork or chicken, excellent over any type of seafood, delicious on rocket leaves or mix it into your favourite Thai salad.

Blueberry Thyme 100ml: works with any salad combination, drizzle over pancakes, drizzle over feta cheese and watermelon.

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no artificial colouring or preservatives

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