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Castle Rock Chutney's, Relish & Pickles 250g


Castle Rock make all of their products in small batches, so they are able to taste them and have a consistent product that they can supply to you. This way they can guarantee the same product consistency every time an order is placed. They use no artificial colouring or preservatives in there products and use locally grown products where possible, but always NZ grown.

Chilli Lime 250g:  spread on eye fillet before cooking, stir through prawns, use as base with ginger and garlic for any stir fry meat or vegetable dish, mix in with sour cream to go with fresh pasta or as a side to any seafood, drop on with cheese and crackers.

Tangy Tomato 250g : mix into any slow cooker dish, spread with cheese and crackers, spread on cold meats or cold meat sandwiches, accompaniment for any meat dish.

Tamarillo 250g: delicious with cheese and crackers especially blue cheese, spread over toast with avocado, or use for basting any chicken dish.

Chilli Peach 250g: delicious with roast lamb, cheese and crackers or serve with grilled snapper.

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