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Omahu Valley Citrus Marmalades 300g


Omahu Valley Citrus products are hand-crafted in small batches and made with the fruit from there own farm. There marmalades have been created so that they retain a high artisan quality, and do not include any preservatives or artificial flavourings.

Lemon & Ginger 300g: A rich, vibrant, citrus conserve with a warming hint of ginger.

Lime 300g: A chunky cut with a sharp citrus freshness left on the palate.

Orange 300g: A sweet orange and zesty citrus conserve.

Tangelo 300g: A rich, vibrant, and tangy citrus conserve. (InternationalSilver award 2014)

Grapefruit 300g: A full flavoured smooth, citrus conserve for those who enjoy the sharper edge! (International Gold award 2015)

Seville Orange 300g: A traditional marmalade with a zesty orange taste. (Seasonal)

Citron 300g:  Citron, a type of giant lemon, has a unique balance sof lemon and lime. (Seasonal)

Delicious on toast, scones or croissants.

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