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Omahu Valley Citrus Jelly's 250g


Omahu Valley Citrus products were developed in early 2011, inspired from selling the citrus they griw themselves at markets. The recipes have been created so that the products retain a high artisan quality, and do not include any preservatives or artificial flavourings. All fruit is carefully picked and selected for its truly fresh and natural flavours.

Lemon and Crab Apple Jelly 250g:  A light pink clear jelly with a rich apple and fresh lemon taste. Good to accompany meats or to have as a spread.Made with   Crab Apples, Lemons, Sugar

Lemon and Plum Jelly 250g:  A deep maroon clear jelly with a sharp flavour from both the plum and lemon. Good to accompany meats or to have as a spread.   Made with Lemons, Plums, Sugar

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